Spray Painting Video Event 2017

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations:
> Members must upload their original work. Members uploading photos of someone else will be banned without any intimation.
> Members can share some useful links of tutorials by which one can learn this art better. (share the links HERE)
> Members are requested to be cool & polite with other members. No abusive language should be used for any members.
> Members should not spam with useless links, promotional adds link, etc. If found any member doing such thing will be banned immediately.
> Members can upload photos clicked from any camera (mobile phones, digital camera, dslr, etc). mention the camera model name & some details.


Lewis Clark said...

Good post

Jack said...

Photography is one of the top trending filed among youngsters,as the role of social media is becoming more and more important,the young generation is also taking some useful steps for it.thanks for sharing your rules and regulations.you'r doing great

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